WORKING TO REFRESH OUR SITE. Some deleted our files on our site, we will work so soon to have again here our site. Still we don't know if we are under censure on our, or if this is a problem of the database. Checking to have again online our site. Have all the best for now.
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About our MUSIC ALBUMS...
We can make a presentation without cover albums, because between us,
someone doesn't understand that we are owners of our music and cover albums too.
Forgive if someone between us doesn't understand!
About albums of Marco Esu as Composer and Musician,
we would invite you to know something like:
My New Age
Opera Futurista
Electronic and Metal X
Un Piccolo Universo
New Flamenco
U.S.E. Angiola
Epic Heart
Over the Classical Land
Or some independent album too, etc... etc...
Will add many more information time by time.

Please, first to open the file of music score, we remember to you that the music scores are in e-Book,
if you are expert on e-Book reading, will be very easy for you to see each e-book.
Between our music scores, we would like to invite you to know our e-books of music scores.

DEDICATO A GIORGIA is an Opera for violin,
each music part is ready to be played on guitar too, like acoustic, or folk, or classical and electric too.
The first part of each compositions, the first score is very nice to be played on electric guitar.
Will add so soon the audio to let hear much more.
We would like to let you read melodies and to know all music parts by music scores too.

VARIAZIONI MUSICALI, this is one of our older music work,
readying the e-Book this is so easy to find any information about this opera for violin.

A S. opera's, this is an e-Book of some compositions,
older composition for piano, for guitar and piano,
for violin and piano as someone is ready to read on music scores.
Inside pages, page by page you can see something like information of ownership and copyrights.
This is all easy, this is only on some part of text where we must add informations about onwership.
We work in collaboration with our partner of work and we have to give informations about this collaboration.
You haven't to use any information or contact, you can only ready music if you want.

Between our music scores, we invite you to know our Futuristic Opera.
Same last info or A S. reading up, you can see our partnership and collaborations.
Parts: A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; L.
Please, don't mind, this is for Violin and Orchestra, in same time, if you will hear the music albums
you will hear electric Guitar and Orchestra.

Some more compositions in e-Books:
Tocata de Flamenco, this is for flamenco guitar;
Some compositions for guitars, this is an e-Book with 3 compositions inside,
Like "Le due chitarre rivali" (The two rival guitars) ,"Cattivo Giorno" (Bad day), "Auto-ritratto" (portrait in music melodies).
Elaborations and arrangements

All our music is in collaboration with:
Idyllium Music Publishing
from Milan/Italy
Blue Pie Records
From Autralia/U.S.A.
INFORMATION and very important:
If you want to enter on someone of the links of our collaborator, to let you feel much more safe,
you can copy the text of link site on your browser and to see much more about our collaborators.

MARCO ESU - Photos 2017

All copyright of texts and images, songs and all material of this website, this is of Marco Esu and the Publishers.
(C) & (p) Marco Esu (16 December 1973)