WORKING TO REFRESH OUR SITE. Some deleted our files on our site, we will work so soon to have again here our site. Still we don't know if we are under censure on our, or if this is a problem of the database. Checking to have again online our site. Have all the best for now.
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Our collaborators and Publishers:
Idyllium Music Publishing
from Milan/Italy
Blue Pie Records
From Autralia/U.S.A.
INFORMATION and very important:
If you want to enter on someone of the links of our collaborator, to let you feel much more safe,
you can copy the text of link site on your browser and to see much more about our collaborators.

After the problem of lost files on database, we have to select again link by link.
With this problem of lost files on database, we lost the history of many years of web.
Still we don't know who did this... as you can understand, he deleted a big part of web.
This is not only a problem of my site, this is the history of who did the web in many years.
We surf on net from the year 1995, this is the much more problem in many years of web.
To see destroy all our works, maybe your work too, this is not very kind to see.
I hope to have time to renew anykind of information and links.
Wish you all the best for now.
God bless you.

MARCO ESU - Photos 2017

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