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Julia Schell fell in love with music at the age of 4. At a time when most little girls are playing with dolls or tag in the yard, Julia was singing and dancing around the house.
As a teenager, she explored the world of children’s theater.
Then she was fortunate enough to attend a junior high with an amazing music program, which led to her acceptance into Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where she majored as a vocalist in performance and the business of music.
Ms. Schell has been singing and recording for the last five years all over the world. The New York City singer, songwriter and producer has performed in New York City at acclaimed venues like S.O.B.’s, The Knitting Factory, the Village Vanguard, and Sweet Waters.
Inspired by the likes of Gospel, Rock, and R&B- Julia has toured with Wilson Pickett, sang with Shirley Caesar, Lalah Hathaway, Paula Cole, Walter Beasley, and Don Covey (“Chain of Fools”), to name just a few! She was also featured on one of the legendary Harlem Soul Food establishment cds', "Sylvia’s Christmas" .

Julia Schell’s songs have appeared in several indie short films and television programs. Currently, Julia is most excited about forming her own production and record single,
“Pleasure and Pain,”
produced by Elliot Thomas of Powerhouse Studios, is being released worldwide this year through Blue Pie Productions.

Listen Mp3 and CD:
rhapsody.com ; artistdirect.com ; amazon.com ; iodalliance.com ; emusic.com ; mp3-downloads.ws ; www.rollingstone.com ; Julia Schell will be a name to remember!
freewebs.com/juliaschell ; www.juliaschell-singer.tk ; centerfuse.net ; www.myspace.com/juliaschell ;


“Nexxt are firmly convinced of their musical project” (Musicalnews.com)
“They put together different influences and styles, and they are able to mix everything with great power and personality” (Metallized.it)
“The Nexxt’s sound is very innovative” (Citymusic.it)
“The alchemists of Heavy metal” (Theholyhour.it)
“Nexxt are an interesting proposal full of a great variety of styles expressed with great devotion and originality” (Neroopaco.it)
“The Thrash form Nexxt is not clearly influenced by some other metal band. Everything is crafted with a personal touch that emphasizes the musical personality of the five guys”. (Metalmaniacs.it)
“The music has a strong eighties feeling but this influences are taken to the 21st century with a huge sound and the incorporation of different elements that make Nexxt’s music unique”. (Musicextreme.com)
Nexxt (former Next, since 2004) are Cristian Tricarico (vocals), Michele Speranza (bass), Gianluca Soccio (lead guitar), Luciano The line-up is “on the road” since January 2000, with 2 promo- CD released: NEverending Xtreme Thrash (2001) and Apparent Control (2003), the latter much appreciated from several music fanzines and webzines. A special promo CD is almost ready to be produced, and should be released at the beginning of 2006. The new CD is going to be a further evolution of their sound and will be enriched by an original rearrangement of a famous Scorpions song.

Kari Tieger

Kari Tieger is a singer/songwriter who writes and sings in both English and French, primarily about spiritual growth and relationships, sharing her unique perspective on life.
Her compositions range anywhere from dramatic vampire love songs to short classical mood pieces to songs of hope for the future.
She explores life and love, as seen though the eyes of an American francophone.
Primarily a solo performer, Kari is a keyboard/vocalist, and her music is an eclectic blend of contemporary pop with classical, jazz, and New Age influences.
She released her debut solo CD in 1998, "Touch of Magic," followed in 2001 by "En francais, s'il te plait," a collection of songs, poetry and instrumentals inspired by her love of French language and culture.
For both projects she drew together many talented musicians, to create a diverse and engaging sound.
In 2004 Kari most recently released the minimalist five-song CD "Pas de Deux," recorded in Paris that summer, as a preview of an upcoming album to be called "Nos Mots."
Working with percussionist Ron Schmitt, formerly of Pendragon, and guitarist/bassist Jon Brennan of Shryne, Kari is currently developing original material for future release.
With fellow composer Kevin Campbell, she transcribes, co-arranges, and records on many of his songs, and has served as his co-producer in the studio, since 1995.
Kari also teaches piano and encourages her many students to compose.
A member of ASCAP since 1989 (recipient of numerous popular songwriting awards), the Rhode Island Songwriters Association (RISA) since 1991, and Just Plain Folks online since its inception in the late 90s, Kari has made appearances on RI cable television ("Just Plain Folk," "Artists/RI," "The Don Lincoln Show," "Center Stage") and has performed at many New England festivals, First Night celebrations, and area coffeehouses.


With a truly magnetic and hypnotic voice, Australia’s Sahra delivers not only the meaning of the lyrics but the true essence of the songs in her debut album, “Girl Parts”. It is an intensely personal and emotive album where listeners experience an array of emotions in the lyrics: laughter as well as sorrow and tears.
From a small country town north of Sydney, Australia, Sahra was introduced to the world of entertainment at an early age. As a child, Sahra was convinced that performing would be her life, which ultimately, led to opportunities as an actress on TV.
Her musical talent and angelic voice has seen her singing alongside high-profile Australian acts such as Vanessa Amorossi and Richard Clapton as well as touring with bands ceaselessly throughout Australia performing as a singer.
Since then, Sahra has blossomed into a striking pop-based singer-songwriter who, after meeting Damien Reilly, Director of Blue Pie Productions, was invited to record their first song, “Baby” with respected producer Phil Munro. For the debut album, Sahra and Damien set out to write a solid body of songs that would be timeless and that would be true to Sahra’s vocal ability.
The first single released received critical acclaim, a remake of the 1978 R&B number one hit “Boogie Oogie Oogie” by “A Taste of Honey”. It has since sky rocketed into the global scene, 577 million people was exposed to Sahra’s rendition as it was licensed to the opening segment of the Iceland Fashion Week.


In contrast to today's world of disposable artists, Gordon Waller is a genuine star that has lived it and still lives the life today.
He has had gold records, No.1 hits and still writes with the same passion that he did 40 years ago as singing duo with Peter Asher.
Peter & Gordon met back around l961 at Westminster School in London who shared the same passion for music and became friends fast. Today Gordon works with Blue Pie Productions as the North American A&R Manager.
He still performs and hosts his own radio show on Blue Pie web radio called "LIVING IT."
Peter and Gordon, www.peterandgordon.com, were the Everly Brothers of the British invasion that prefigured the folk-rock of the mid-60's. They harmonised in ear pleasing intervals, strummed acoustic guitars in tandem and recorded an impressively consistent string of hit songs. They were devout students of folk, blues and rock 'n' roll, and they fitted this amalgam through their own pop-flavoured English sensibility.
Peter Asher was the older brother of Jane Asher, Paul McCartney's girlfriend for much of the 1960's. It was through this connection that Peter and Gordon gained access to one of the few Lennon-McCartney compositions unrecorded by the Beatles, the aforementioned "World Without Love". Two other Lennon-McCartney songs became huge hits for Peter and Gordon: "Nobody I Know" spent six weeks in the Top 40 in the summer of 1964, peaking at No.12, and in the fall of 1964 "I Don't Want To See You Again" spent six weeks in the Top 40, peaking at No.16. "Woman" spent eight weeks in the Top 40, peaking at No.16 in the spring of 1966 (the last hit which was written by McCartney under a pseudonym). Suddenly Peter and Gordon were among the most recognizable faces of the British Invasion.
Peter and Gordon also turned out to be astute song finders outside the Lennon-McCartney sphere, recording spirited versions of tunes by Del Shannon ("I Go To Pieces"), Buddy Holly ("True Love Ways"), and Phil Spector ("To Know You Is To Love You"), all of which charted well inside the US, making the Top 40.
As a duo, they appeared on every major music television show of the era, including the Ed Sullivan Show, Shindig, and Hullabaloo! They performed on tour with many major acts of the era, including the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.
Following a four-year, ten song hit spree, Peter and Gordon went their separate ways in l968. Peter Asher decided to pursue a career in Production, leaving Gordon to carry on his own, performing solo and writing songs.
In 1970 he came to America to record a solo album in New York entitled, ".and Gordon," which did not see the light of day due to the lack of promotion on the album.
In l971 Gordon was approached by Tim Rice to play the part of Pharaoh in the musical "Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at the Edinburgh Festival.
Due to its success, the play toured London in several prominent theatres where he received standing ovations every night for the run of the play. In June l975, Gordon got married on the Australian shores, but as fate has intended, starred again in the same play but in Sydney. The reviews and audience reception were outstanding, and at the end of the Australia run Gordon decided to give stage work a break, but continued to write the occasional song, many of which are yet to be recorded.
Today, Gordon has his music publishing company with an exclusive list of writers and performers developing their talents and careers, and has recently finished the sound track for the film "James Dean - Race With Destiny" which consists of original songs written by Gordon and his friends.


Slimey Things are a progressive experimental kitsch sci-fi electronic pop/rock band based in Sydney, Australia. The infamous group, known for their hybrid of infectious songs and energetic and upbeat live performances, Slimey Things have received much acclaim as one of the most unique acts in Sydney. Infusing lots of special effects, such as lasers, sci-fi and space sounds and explosions to give their listeners an outer space, movie-like reality as experienced back in the 80's.
A tight outfit for over five years, their unearthly sounds developed and evolved into an energetic blend of catchy pop, retro-futuristic rock, Zappa-esque metal, soundtrack music have seen their fan base triple since performing extensively around Sydney and the greater Sydney area.
Brought together by the enigmatic front man and guitarist Nick Soole, he unearthed other pseudo-pop maniacs, who on their own right are high-level achievers in their musical careers.
Nick Soole - Composer/ Voice/ Electric Guitar
Andrew Mortensen - Electric Bass/ Voice
Matt D. Ward - Drums
Ian Pieterse - Alto and Baritone Sax
Tristan Baker - Laptop/MIDI Guitar/ Voice
Daniel Pliner - Keyboards/Piano
With widespread radio airplay and memorable "seared into your brain" with live performances; it seems only a matter of time before Slimey Things' catchy rhythms cannot be contained and breach into the earth defences.


Queensland's alt-heavy metal group started life 18 months ago in the Gold Coast when Nathan Ballard advertised in the local newspaper for band members.
After a couple of line-up changes Trace Element's line-up was finally complete. Trace Element consists of Nathan Ballard (Vocal/Lead), Scott Chapman (Rhythm), Ben Doran (Drum) and Drew Carr (Bass/Vocals). Each band member are prolific artists, each having extensive experience, actively seeking to challenge themselves and their listeners through intense and provocative performances.
Trace Element released their debut album, "Brand New Day", which became a hit on local radio. The band's regional success led to more prominent gigs where the band had gone from virtual unknowns to playing in front of a crowd of hundreds.
"Brand New Day" became the fastest selling independent album released in the Gold Coast to date. Striking while the iron is hot, "Drowning", a track from their debut album became the most requested song of all time on Hot Tomato 102.9FM and eventually received national airplay throughout Australia.
Blue Pie Productions spotted their exceptional talent and signed a publishing and recording deal with Trace Element. Soon after Blue Pie organised a management contract with Wayne from Voyager Music.
To record an EP titled the "Forgotten Ones", the band decided to work with producer Richie Robinson (Audiolab) at Core Studios. The recording was completed within a week and is scheduled to be released early July 2005. With the combination of management support, Blue Pie and the guru production talents of Robinson, Trace Element's growing popularity, and the quality of the songs are sure to be a hit with the fans nationwide, spearheaded by their predicted hit song "Drowning". Their debut EP is a remarkable collection of great rock songs in the classic sense of the word.


'A Mark in Time", a new CD of original songs by Brian Elkington, is a refreshing example of the best of the acoustic singer-songwriter genre. The album reflects the talents of a gifted song writer; who has received several awards and nominations for his songwriting. His songs have great depth and richness, beautiful melodies and memorable lyrics.
Friends, family, home, accidental lovers and true love are some of the chapters in this story, each one part of the lyrical journey, with steps familiar to us all. It is heartfelt music that everyone can relate to.
"Husband's lament" covers the coming to grips with life's choices. "Odyssey" tells the story of 10 years of chasing opportunities in music all around the United States.
Brian grew up in the United States and moved to Sydney 14 years ago. Brian first started playing guitar and writing music at the age of 17. He has played his original songs at some of America's greatest venues, including Gerde's Folk City in Greenwich Village and the Bluebird Café in Nashville.
In the US, Brian made some industry buzz playing in a duo with his friend Daniel Mohs. Known as "Elkington Mohs" they spent a decade travelling around the US playing music, including many of Brian's original songs. They had a great vocal sound and lots of loyal fans. Unfortunately, the duo had to break up when Brian moved to Australia.
Brian and Daniel spent some time playing their music in Nashville and Brian pursued his songwriting. Several of Brian's songs were published and recorded during this period and he's got many more great songs which were written in Music City. After moving back to Minnesota, Brian met a girl from Australia and decided to get married. A few years later he and Jane moved to Sydney where they now live with their three beautiful daughters.


Indonesian born artist, Tommee has gathered a wild following from the release of his debut album, "No Added Sugar," thanks to his trademark Kecapi (a twenty-string instrument crafted in Indonesia) and urban jungle groove vibes. An incredible voice that echoes remnants of legendary luminaries such as Bob Marley, Tommee draws great music from his idols while exploring a unique music style all of his own.
Tommee's soulful vein music exploded onto the scene in early 2004. The ever so familiar foot tapping rhythms of Tommee's soulful jam leaves audiences spellbound wherever he goes. His charismatic presence, his combination of style and love of ethnic musica instruments encouraged an edgy, unique sound where it is described as roots, blues, folk, reggae, gypsy, world music - all of which does not encompass one entity but welcomes all.
He landed on our shores 20 years ago, calling Sydney home. His determination to continue his musical journey by spreading his soulful jams throughout Australia led him to secure a role as keyboardist with the infamous contemporary jazz ensemble, Kalabash. This gave Tommee the opportunity to extensively tour Australia, playing in major festivals and support acts such as The Wailers, Ziggy Marley, UB40 etc.
Tommee has since spent time working on his original compositions, creating more musical harmonies and rhythmic melodies with the Kecapi. Apart from working on this album, his skill on the Kecapi has seen Tommee performing as guest musician with other prolific artists such as Bob Brozman and Harry Manx.
Tommee was born in the heart of the jungle, in a village called Bima in Sumbawa Island on the Eastern side of Indonesian archipelago. His musical journey began in his mother's kitchen, where he amused himself with an orchestra of instruments including the pots and pans and plates and buckets.
At the tender age of 12, his music teacher spotted his natural talent and star quality, introducing him to drums. It was at this point Tommee's inspiration for music escalated where he mastered traditional and ethnic string and percussion instruments including the guitar, piano, Kecapi, Gambo and Kenong.


In the days of reality talent shows such as X Factor and Pop Idol, Dino Jag is somewhat of a coherent source of inspiration for other aspiring musicians. It's been a long and varied journey, where Dino has travelled disparate musical terrains with an insatiable thirst for fresh sounds and vibrant energy.
When Dino first erupted into the Australian music scene with the rework of the classic Stevie Wonder's hit, "Superstition", little did the world know how far this dude from "the City of Churches" would go to confound the public.
Hailing from South Australia, Dino was nominated three years in a row from 1995 as South Australia's Music Industry Award's (SAMIA) "Best Male Vocalist" while performing with rock band, Stolen Waters.
Dino is one of music's true mavericks and Australia's best export. He had the opportunity to work with the world's greatest musicians such as Ray Columbus, Sir Paul McCartney and Rusty Anderson.
A singer-songwriter and producer, his dynamic remixes of the tracks "She's a Mod" by Ray Columbus and the invaders vs. Dino Jag and "Hurt Myself" by Rusty Anderson vs. Dino Jag. Rusty Anderson is the legendary guitarist for the Sir Paul McCartney band and a super star in his own right. The Hurt Myself track also features Abe Laborial Jnr on drums and Sir Paul McCartney on bass, backing vocals and guitar.
These releases are now circulating at the top of the international music scene.
Due to his remix projects with Blue Pie Productions and Damien Reilly, he has remixed and produced everyone from Adelaide singer, Candyce where he co-wrote, "This is not a sex song" through Chart Records. He was the vocalist, co-writer and producer of the soundtrack for "Cure of the Talisman" wit track "Every Single Day" as well as the theme music for Channel 7's "AM Adelaide" morning TV show with the track, "When the sun kisses the ocean".
Recently, he recorded and co-produced a cover version of "Play That Funky Music White Boy" late last year, which was signed to Odessa Mama Records. Not stopping just there, he immersed himself into every aspect of music.
Keeping true to his love of music, Dino is a trained vocal coach where he provides vocal training two days a week at a local music school. Dino has approx 20 regular students and he always believes in giving back to the youth of tomorrow.